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PVC Tape

insulation tape, insulating tape


PVC Insulation Tape, insulation tape, insulating tape
Product Description

PVC Insulation Tapes are made from polyvinyl chloride(PVC) as the backing material, which are coated with rubber Pressure-sensitive adhesive. They have wonderful features such as insulation, flame retardancy, cold resistance, voltage resistance, acid & alkali resistance, solvent resistance, etc. Widely used for manufacturing of amtomobile harness, wrapping of wires, insulating protection. insulation tapes, insulating tapes, electrical insulation tape, pvc insulation tape, foam insulation tape, pipe insulation tape, pvc insulating tape, fiberglass insulation tape, It is the main insulating material of automobile, household electrical equipments, refrigerator, electronic industry etc. Glossy or matte film is available for winding electrical wire.

HS Code: 39191099
Trademark: Depack
Origin: China
Packing: Polybag


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