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Glow in the Dark Tape
Photo Luminescent Tape
Luminescent Film
Fluorescent Tape

Glows up to 12 hours with gradually diminishing brightness in dark.

High Energy Long life Fluorescent Marking Tape is made of alkaline-earth aluminates and silicate which are activated by rare earth element.Half of this reflective tape glows in the dark and half reflects light. It’s a light green phosphorescent lamination of print-treated polyester film and a flexible vinyl film, with pressure-sensitive glue comes on a liner for easy application.



Backing: new and long-lived photo-luminescent mineral (strontium oxide aluminate)+ ultra-aggressive adhesive +Release Paper
Colors: Yellow
(Other Colors are available upon inquiry)

Width: 1", 2", 3" , 4", 6",12",48.8”
Length: 30' & 150',
Thickness: 9Mil
Type: Acrylic base
Package: Each pcs packed in a polybag in export carton or in color box
(Other sizes & thickness are available upon inquiry)

-Use to mark fire equipment, exits, aisles, stairs, safe guiding, placename signs, traffic signs, mine and  high-traffic stairwells etc. Use anywhere it is necessary for high visibility in darkness or light.
-Fire control signs, subway signs, other general direction, guidance, and identity signs to maximize visibility during an emergency or power failure. Improve visibility and safety during power outages
-Can create continuous, uninterrupted guidance lines along stairwell walls, re-entry and final exits, and other door markings
-Used for marking light switches, instruments, controls, steps and handrails in stairways, emergency exits, and evacuation corridors - anything important to see when the lights go out. 
-Designed for high impact visualization. Great for safety markings and color-coded identification.
-Adheres to painted wood, bare or painted metal, sealed concrete, and most any non-porous surface.

-Acrylic type is tearable, good flexility, long service life, can be screen printed. Glow for 12 hours.
-non-toxic & non-radioactive, stable chemical properties, high initial luminance, long durtion, good extensibility, can be used in bad weather.
-Good ability to emit lights after absorbing from various lights. With different grades of products, normally after absorbing lights for 10-30 minutes in the room, luminous film can shine lights for 4-12 hours and longer, without any electricity power.
-Type of light will charge the tape, but sunlight, halogen, xenon, & fluorescent lights work best.
-They can be recharged nearly an indefinite number of times and can last as long as 20 years for indoor way and 7years for outdoor way.
-Greater sticking strength. Adhesive with a peel-off backing, so be sure to apply only to clean, dry, oil free surfaces that are above 50°F.
-Resists water and most detergents. Recommended application temperature is 50° F and withstands temperatures between -40° and +180° F.


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