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butyl tape

  Butyl Tape
Product Description

Butyl tape:

Butyl tape is a self-adhesive tape made by butyl compound.
Aluminum Galleg, PE Film, Non-Woven, etc. Is laminated on the upper side and silicon film is on the bottom side to easier release.


Adhesive: Butyl rubber has excellent adhesion to most materials, such as: All of metal, wood, glass, zinc, concrete, etc.
Heat & Cold resistance: Because of heat-resistance and cold-resistance, Butyl rubber can be used under any temperature conditions. butyl tape

Excellent Dielectric insulation
Anti-corrosion: Butyl rubber prevents the surface to corrode from moisture and steam.
Easy application for high technical use.
Excellent resistance against UV rays: Laminated aluminum prevents to loose his characteristics when exposed to direct sunlight.


1.5t x 54mm x 20M(per roll)
1.5t x 100mm x 20M(per roll)
(Available to change the specification according to order-quantity)

Product Range...
GT: To laminate Aluminum Gallge on the upper side
PT: To laminate PE Film on the upper side.
NT: To laminate Non-woven on the upper side.
ST: Self-adhesive tape on the both side.

>Exposed parts and underground pipe, joint and tank for anti-corrosion
>All kind of parts such as water pipe, ventilation for waterproofing.
>General flashing applications for dielectric insulation
>ST product can be used to pipe laying for sealing to roll the tape and adhesive for overlap parts in waterproofing membrane.
>Seal and repair guttering, down pipes and corrugated sheets
>Seal and repair carport and lean to roofing joints to main wall.
>Seal around chimneys, air vents, skylights, window sills and sliding doors.
>Seal seam leaks in caravans, cars and trucks.
>Repair water tanks or troughs.
>Seal garages, tool sheds, outhouse and glass houses
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HS Code: 85441900
Trademark: Depack
Origin: China
Packing: Polybag


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